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25 March 2006 @ 01:04 pm
I'm sorry you're too stupid to have a phone  
Me: "Hi is John there?"
Guy on the phone: "Hangon a sec."
Sounds of phone being passed.
John: "Hello?"
Me: "Hi John, this is Pete with-"
John: "WHAT? I can't hear you!"
Me (louder): "Hi this is Pete-"
John: "I Still can't hear you!"
Me (very loud): "I'm with your phone company!"
John: "WHAT!?"
Me (outright yelling): "I'm WITH YOUR PHONE COMPANY! I'M CALLING ABOUT-"
John: "I'm giving the phone back to my son."
Sounds of phone being passed, again.
The son (same voice that answered, normal tone): "Hello?"
Me: "Hi. I was just calling to say we'll have a tech out by 2 to get your phone fixed."
The son: "You're coming to take our phone?"
Me (muttering): jesus. "No, a tech will be out to FIX the phone."
The son: "Oh. Well there was a tech here earlier."
Me: "Oh, well he should be working on it then."
The son: "Well it's not working and hasn't been for awhile."
Me (only barely not patronizing): I know that's why we sent the tech out."
The son: "Oh. Well that's good, cause the phone needs to be working."
Me: jesus "Well, that's what the tech will do."
The son: "Okay, sounds good."
Me: "Alright, have a nice day."

Gah! What gets me is that the son had to bloody know the Dad couldn't goddamn hear! Why then did he give him the phone!? And why in god's name would you think someone would come and take your phone!?

I'm sorry, you're both too stupid to have this service, I'm turning it off.
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ormusophirormusophir on March 27th, 2006 10:30 pm (UTC)
Forget being too stupid to have a phone. More like, too stupid for life. Where is Darwin when you need him?
ormusophirormusophir on May 25th, 2006 07:32 am (UTC)
Where art thou?
Pete, Sancho, Pope, Cusackkephus on May 25th, 2006 07:53 pm (UTC)
Wow. I have been away for a while hmmm? I haven't actually gone anywhere, but brother have I been busy. Some good, some bad, some infuriating.

Started classes again while working full time, not so bad as it keeps me occupied (my free time was becoming to be a bit encompassing and boring).

Running goes well, though I've been smoking this month which is ironic. Gonna be at The Pinery in Ontario this weekend camping, drinking, and trail running, should be fun.

Yow, It seems as though you've been going thru a bit yourself. Congrats on the graduation and well done on teaching. Everytime I read your posts about what you're doing with student's I can't help but think how fortunate they all our to have someone both dedicated and in love with what they do to guide them.

So I've caught that you're headed out of country for some time? That's seriously outstanding. I don't know if you've been (and not to say that I have extensively) but the brief exposures I've had in Europe were phenominal! Africa was... an experience, but not my cup of tea, as it were. If you have the capability I suggest a digital camera with a huge memory card, invaluable. Also, bus drivers tend to be great sources of information and suggestion.

Boy, I understand your frustration with your crush! I completely agree with your statement that 'simply having a crush is a big deal'. About a month ago things (shockingly) actually happened with someone I'd been crushing on (I know, terribly MTVish a phrase, but forgive it this once) and had thought was unavailable. Too keep this, at least somewhat, modest in length we came to this odd situation where we're kinda dating but not sleeping with anyone else, yet not a couple. Though a relationship is my goal, I am in no rush. All was fine for about 4 weeks but I haven't heard more than casual conversation from her while at work (i.e. no calls during 'real life') in a week though she has said she's gone out. I try to not let it get to me but she's never lived anywhere else and thus has tons of friends while I'm still new here and if I'm not with her I literally have 2 other ppl I can call, thus leaving me high and dry often. With too much time to think. Which is always bad in a burgening relationship. So, I understand your situation and frustration, at least in spirit.

Stay hopeful my friend. It's hard not to be as a runner I feel. Plus, Europe awaits, and that'll make up for everything! Trust me.
ormusophirormusophir on May 26th, 2006 04:56 pm (UTC)
Ooo, that infuriating type of busy is never good. What type of classes are you taking? I miss school already.

How does smoking and running work? I think I had like three cigarettes when I was drinking once and could feel it for like a week. I mean, I'm sure you'd get used to it, but I really am curious as to the effects.

Thank you for the congrats and the kind words about my teaching. I am so sad to be leaving - devastated, actually - and I have never cried so much in my life. THANK GOD I leave on Monday because otherwise I don't think I could stand it. I have been to Europe before, but it was when I was 14 and 17 on school trips, so this experience will be MUCH different and I am jumping out of my socks for it to begin. What took you to Africa? One of my friends is in the Peace Corps in The Gambia at the moment and it sounds...hot. And...no, that's pretty much it, just hot.

And dude, "we came to this odd situation where we're kinda dating but not sleeping with anyone else, yet not a couple" is EXACTLY where I am at with the boy. It won't be resolved soon, though. We're at a standstill for now, being that I'm leaving for 32 days, which is just under the amount of time that we've been kinda dating, plus he started a incredibly taxing summer school program, so we really haven't seen each other very much for two of those five weeks. I dunno. He asked me to bring him back something from France, so I suppose that means he wants to still see me at least ONE more time after I get back, right? Heh. Also, there's the complication that the "end" would be in sight if we were to start a relationship - he's moving to San Francisco to complete his student teaching and do his PhD next summer, and I leave for Japan next summer for a year then (hopefully) to Portland to do my Masters. Not that we would definitely be together at that point and that things may or may not change...but I'm just not a casual dating sort of gal. It has its purpose up to a point, but I keep a tight circle of people that I care about around me that I am unequivocally dedicated to, and don't like frivolous, superficial relationships. But I'm not in a rush either, and I can't justify NOT starting something on the basis of seeing or not seeing a possible end to it. The beginning of relationships are unbelievably torrential.

Ramble ramble ramble. Anyway, I hope you're doing well!